The OBERMEYER group is a traditional company with German roots operating worldwide. For more than 60 years, it has stood for integrated planning services and comprehensive consulting in almost all specialist areas of construction.

A one-stop shop for interdisciplinary planning

The challenge of modern complex construction projects lies in instructing and coordinating all the trades involved right across the board. Which is why the overall planning aspect is an elementary component of the corporate strategy of the OBERMEYER Group. The individual companies and the highly specialist departments in those separate companies not only enable property developers to engage in qualified sectoral planning but also accompany complex projects from the initial study through to final completion.

The very latest of digital planning methods enable us to implement the planning-related wishes of customers quickly, transparently and efficiently and to devise the best (complete) solution for the requirements of innovative building structures.

DEWA head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What distinguishes us

Team spirit, specialist expertise and a sense of innovation and an awareness of responsibility are the things that distinguish the men and women who work for us.

Since green building standards and sustainability mobility measures around the world are gaining in importance, our teams of experts work with the specialists in our in-house scientific institutes to create designs to shape a sustainable future.

By adapting to the local climate, to geographical, ecological and economic requirements, we can assure a uniform worldwide standard of quality across all levels.


Milestones in the history of OBERMEYER Group, extending over more than 60 years.


The people behind this internationally operational Group of companies.

Our commitment stems from our passion for seeking out and meeting new challenges. We use the stones we find in our path to build bridges. Our goal is to achieve a long-term partnership bond with our customers, a philosophy founded on mutual confidence and shared successes.

Academia & Research

Scientific standards: Collaborations with institutes and research facilities.

The companies in the OBERMEYER Group

The OBERMEYER Group is a grouping of interdisciplinary partners who collaborate to achieve success in international projects. Learn more about our individual companies.