We are specialists for digitalisation projects in the construction trade and in infrastructure.


The digital transformation is in the process of causing fundamental change to familiar structures and procedures in virtually every sector of business life. From ‘Industrie 4.0’ up to the digitalisation of administration, the current world of work is undergoing a fundamental reorganisation, the dynamics of which are going to affect everyone without exception. At OBERMEYER, experts are engaged in advising and supporting companies with the digitalisation of their planning and building procedures.

BIM in the construction trade

For the construction trade, ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) is viewed as the central method for digitalisation across the entire planning, building and operating cycle. BIM is defined as follows in the BMVI’s ‘Staged plan for digital planning and building’: “Building Information Modelling’ designates a cooperative method of work based upon digital models of a building structure that records the information and data relevant to its life cycle and exchanges this with all parties involved in a transparent manner, or is passed on for further processing”.


BIM is a working method in the construction trade and is not an IT project. The focus here is on the centric and shared provision of project information and the associated gain in productivity and quality.


Within the OBERMEYER Group, with our wide range of experience, we cover all the requirements relating to digital transformation in the construction & infrastructure sector.

  • BIM Management
  • BIM Coordination
  • Certified Training & Other Courses
  • Consulting
    • Strategic consultancy support for digital transformation
    • Development of made-to-measure digitalisation strategies
    • BIM consultancy support and implementation
  • Software
    • ProVI, BIM-Software for transport infrastructure planning as well as guidance & protection technology

More about Digital Methods

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