OBERMEYER Helika wins “Building of the Year 2023” award

The OBERMEYER Helika design and construction consultancy office has achieved further success in its construction of healthcare facilities. The new Family Care Pavilion at Pelhřimov Hospital, designed and engineered by OBERMEYER Helika, won the “Building of the Year 2023” competition.

“We are very pleased to have won the ‘Building of the Year 2023’ award for the Family Care Pavilion at Pelhřimov Hospital. The excellent cooperation with the Vysočina Region, the management of the Pelhřimov Hospital and the construction contractor, an association comprising PKS stavby and Metrostav, enabled the successful implementation of this project, which is of great benefit to the entire region,” says Jiří Fousek, CEO of OBERMEYER Helika. “It is well known that there is great demand for new construction projects and renovations of existing hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities in the healthcare sector, but in practice we often run up against various complications that slow the renovation of this healthcare infrastructure. It is good that even in the public sector and state administration there are people who take a conceptual and systematical approach to their projects. The project of the award-winning pavilion of the Pelhřimov Hospital is the result of such an approach.”

The new five-storey, architecturally appealing pavilion provides modern facilities for the paediatric, gynaecology and obstetrics and neurology departments. The pavilion is specially designed to provide greater comfort for patients and their families. The modern rooms are equipped with all the necessary facilities and create a pleasant and peaceful environment for a quick recovery. The Family Care Pavilion promotes collaboration and the sharing of experience between the different departments and specialists in the hospital, which will improve the quality of care and enable the implementation of the latest procedures and treatment methods. These benefits will be a boost to the entire hospital, improving healthcare in the region and providing better comfort and support for patients and their families.