Plenty of praise for the “Sino-German Enterprise Center

With the Enterprise Center, OBERMEYER has designed the most important functional building of the Sino-German Industrial Park.

The industrial park is being promoted by the city of Wuhan and the government of Caidian District. It is intended to serve as a model for Sino-German economic cooperation and as an example of the latest industrial developments.

OBERMEYER China’s design for the Sino-German Enterprise Center is characterized by a very authentic, timelessly elegant and modern German style architecture.
The project is located in the core of the Industrial Park, with a land area of 10,061 square meters and a building area of 7,472 square meters.

OBERMEYER’s design integrates office, leisure, exhibition, negotiation, and reception functions, aiming to achieve work and life balance for the people working there.

Among other things, the roof garden and the materials used qualify the building for green building standards.

OBERMEYER uses the concept of interconnection as a design concept. That means the individual building blocks interconnect with each other to symbolize the international cooperation between China and Germany. The two main blocks interact with each other, both inside and outside. They create different areas for different uses. The round staircase of the courtyard adds a hint of vividness.