Recommendations for a climate-neutral Bavaria

Representatives of the Bavarian construction industry drew up a catalog of measures for the transformation of the construction industry.

This was handed over to Bavarian Construction Minister Christian Bernreiter in mid-September.

Matthias Braun, Managing Director of OBERMEYER Gebäudeplanung GmbH & Co. KG. was a member of the “Round Table”, where the catalog of measures was developed under the leadership of the Bavarian State Government. He represented the Leonhard Obermeyer Center (LOC) of the Technical University of Munich.

The catalog of measures contains six immediate measures to reduce CO² emissions and waste in construction.

The background to this is the Bavarian state government’s ambitious goal of becoming the first and so far only German state to achieve climate neutrality as early as 2040. That is five years earlier than the federal government. As the largest economic sector in Bavaria, the construction industry has a key position. That’s the reason why its representatives came together for a “round table” under the title “Accelerated digital and ecological transformation of the construction industry in Bavaria”. The results have since been compiled under the “Sustainable Bavaria” brand.

In addition to the overriding demand for regenerative energy supply, the partners from the Bavarian construction industry suggest the following immediate measures:

  1. BIM method for all suitable state construction projects
  2. advancing the circular economy
  3. demand lifecycle-based planning
  4. with innovations to sustainability and market leadership (accelerate technological change)
  5. promoting climate-adapted cities and settlements
  6. generate climate enthusiasm through education

After handing over the catalog of measures, Minister Bernreiter emphasized: “The digital and ecological transformation of the Bavarian construction industry is currently one of the most important topics. I expressly welcome the initiative to unite the various players in the construction industry at one table […] The core demands concern […] central future issues of our society and its construction infrastructure. That is why I am happy to take up the initiative and have concrete implementation options examined in detail. Together, we want to make Bavaria the market leader in digital and ecological construction.”