Start of construction for Semerínka residential project in Prague: OBERMEYER HELIKA hands over finalised documentation

OBERMEYER HELIKA, an OBERMEYER Group company, has handed over the finalised documentation for the construction of the Semerínka residential project in Prague. Construction has now begun and is expected to be completed in 2026. Semerínka will be built on the site of a former industrial area, which will be transformed into a modern and multifunctional area with a predominantly residential character.

The residential project, realised by developer Crestyl, will offer a total of 185 flats, 216 indoor parking spaces and 11 outdoor parking spaces on an area of 4.300 square metres. The building consists of four blocks of different heights on a common base and includes entrances, garages and technical rooms. The individual blocks, which are staggered in height, provide an unobstructed view of Prague and the rich greenery of the surrounding area.

Safety and comfort for the future residents is an important aspect in the realisation of the Semerínka residential complex. Libor Stránský, project manager at OBERMEYER HELIKA, explains: ‘As the main designer of the building, we have designed a comprehensive solution to ensure the thermal and hygienic comfort of the residents in accordance with the client’s requirements. All flats were designed with ventilation with heat recovery, modern underfloor heating and windows with acoustic parameters in relation to the surrounding buildings. In addition, most of the flats are prepared for the installation of external blinds, which ‘increase protection against external temperature influences.

The upper structure is realised by framed wall beams on the basement floor. The building also features trapezoidal windows and rounded corners, which require careful planning of the transfer of horizontal stresses in the reinforcement. Another important factor is that the entire project, including the technology, was created in 3D. This allows for better collaboration in both the design and construction phases.

There is currently not much greenery on the former industrial site. The project therefore aims to bring the residential complex ‘closer to nature’. The proposed green area is 5.340 square metres. Green roofs with extensive or intensive greenery are planned on the lower part of the building. Climbing plants will also be used on the façades. In addition, communal gardens will be created in the inner blocks, which will be watered using rainwater collected in four newly built retention basins.

Semerínka has interesting advantages – its proximity to the centre of Prague, which is easily accessible by underground, a 100% supply of urban facilities, numerous opportunities for sporting and cultural activities – and all of this surrounded by green spaces.