OBERMEYER shareholder manages company succession

Maximilian Grauvogl hands over to Jens Ulrich: The sole managing shareholder of the OBERMEYER Group, Maximilian Grauvogl, has transferred his shares to his long-time companion and co-managing Director, Jens Ulrich. He has been the sole shareholder of the Group since 12.12.2022, marking an essential step in securing the future of OBERMEYER as an independent planning company.

Maximilian Grauvogl is giving up his operational functions in the company and will continue to be available to Jens Ulrich and the Group as a trusted advisor. His experience and networks are essential building blocks to ensure OBERMEYER’s sustainable development and growth.

Essential to Maximilan Grauvogl was to overcome current market challenges and to ensure future viability and growth under the new management of the Group. The company should be remain privately owned.

Maximillian Grauvogl, taking on an advisory role, ensures continuity in leadership and gives the workforce a sense of security with the new leadership of Jens Ulrich.

Jens Ulrich has set himself the goal of further expanding and strengthening the Group’s technical market leadership position. After all, digital innovations and state-of-the-art technology have been a tradition in the company since Dr. Leonhard Obermeyer founded it.

In 1981, Maximilian Grauvogl started at OBERMEYER in Munich as a civil engineer. In 1994 he became a member of the management board; in 1999 spokesman of the management board, and from 2003, he held the position of chairman. On December 4, 2006, his uncle Dr. Leonhard Obermeyer signed over the Group of companies to him. He was thus the sole shareholder of OBERMEYER.

Jens Ulrich has been Managing Director of OBERMEYER Holding GmbH since 2013. In this position, he was responsible for the strategic orientation and competitiveness of OBERMEYER. Ulrich joined OBERMEYER in 2002 as a Business graduate, where he, together with Maximilian Grauvogl, drove the development of foreign business forward. He achieved this through the management of future crucial projects and the takeover, operation, and integration of high-potential companies into the Group. Jens Ulrich, shareholder and Managing Director, who has known the company for many years, now takes over the responsibility for the Group. He stands for continuity and innovation in equal measure, qualities essential to Maximilian Grauvogl for his succession.


The OBERMEYER Group is one of the largest independent German planning companies and has been an expert in overall planning and qualified specialist planning for more than 60 years.

With over 1,400 employees worldwide, OBERMEYER provides planning services in the fields of buildings, infrastructure and building services engineering. Together with the scientific research institutes, almost all specialist fields of engineering and construction planning are covered.

Inspired by the innovation spirit of its founder Leonhard Obermeyer, the company creates intelligent, forward-looking solutions using the latest digital tools and agile methods.


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