Würth opens Innovation Center

On September 28, 2022, the official opening ceremony of the “Reinhold Würth Innovation Center Curio” took place at the headquarters of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG in Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg.

In 2017, Würth, world market leader in the development, production and sale of assembly and fastening materials, had announced a realization competition for the Innovation Center which OBERMEYER was able to win. The planning contract followed.

The construction project with an investment volume of around 75 million euros provides state-of-the-art laboratories, workplaces and workshops on around 15,500 square meters for the company’s own research and development.

Innovative is not only what is being developed in the new research building. Also innovative is the polygonal and expressive form of the new building designed by OBERMEYER. The design, based on the principle of spatial folding of the required functions, envisaged two complementary structures. The two buildings are in a dialogue with each other and formulate an attractive square situation towards the adjacent street. Generous seating and staircases, which are fitted into the moving topographical situation, provide attractive lounging areas for employees and visitors.

One of the world’s most efficient test centers for fastening technology

The first floor of the three, and in parts four-story main building houses chemistry laboratories, the electronics laboratory, and the central workshop. The two upper floors contain multifunctional office space and an IoT test workshop.

The individual functional areas are arranged in a triangular shape around a common inner courtyard. This foyer, covered by a triangular steel and glass roof structure, serves as the central access element to the public and non-public areas.

The two-story annex, which is connected to the main building via a glass passageway, contains a large workshop and laboratories for a wide variety of test and experimental setups. The form and material language are based on those of the main building.

Among other things, it houses one of the world’s most efficient test centers for fastening technology with its own certified anchor laboratory.


The OBERMEYER Group is one of the largest independent German planning companies and has been an expert in overall planning and qualified specialist planning for more than 60 years.

With over 1,400 employees worldwide, OBERMEYER provides planning services in the fields of buildings, infrastructure and building services engineering. Together with the scientific research institutes, almost all specialist fields of engineering and construction planning are covered.

Inspired by the innovation spirit of its founder Leonhard Obermeyer, the company creates intelligent, forward-looking solutions using the latest digital tools and agile methods.


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