Aschaffenburg ring road: A main road through the city centre

Project duration from 1986 to 2018

City of Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg, DE

The Aschaffenburg ring road successfully reduced traffic in the inner city area to a significant extent. With its new ring road, Aschaffenburg has become a much more attractive destination.

The construction of this ring road, with total build cost amounting to €145 million, took place in individual sections, each completed in turn over a period of time, and all planned by OBERMEYER.

OBERMEYER contributed greatly to the success of this project through its overall planning of the 4.5 km inner city ring road which features 13 bridges (including a 460 metre bridge over the river Main), seven tunnel-like structures up to 200 metres in length, some designed as ‘green bridges’ and noise abatement walls up to seven metres in height.

The services provided, as well as comprehensive conversion and protection measures, including a reconfiguration of the mains drainage network which included the laying of a 1.6 km DN 2200 main collector as well as the planning of a 3,500 m³ rainwater retention basin that discharges into the river Main. Also, various noise abatement systems were installed along the route taken by the ring road.

aerial photo: Nuremberg aerial photo / Hajo Dietz
Further photos: OBERMEYER