Floodwater protection, Balzhausen/Bayersried

Project duration from 2014 to 2019

Water Management Office [Wasserwirtschaftsamt (WWA)] Donauwörth

Balzhausen, DE

The Mindeltal in the Allgäu region has very wide and flat topography so it is rapidly affected by flooding whenever it rains heavily. This prompted the local communities to work together on some flood protection measures. WWA Donauwörth is also involved in planning floodwater protection for Balzhausen and Mindelzell.

The scope of this project includes the floodwater retention basin in Bayersried (with a capacity of about 880,000 m³), floodwater protection Balzhausen, four withholding structures, four sluice structures, a 500 m piling wall, approx. 150,000 m3 of earthworks and earth dams extending over a distance of roughly 3.7 km with heights of up to, and above, 3 metres, 200 metres of floodwater overflow channel and the accompanying pathway construction.

As part of a planning consortium, OBERMEYER is helping to deliver the construction planning work from implementation planning to local construction supervision and ecological monitoring of that construction work. Planning includes civil engineering works and structural planning.

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