Franco-German joint consulate in Khartoum

Project duration from 2016 to 2022

Bundesbau Baden-Württemberg, site management

Khartum, SD

The 6,000 m² plot of building land on which the consulate building is to be constructed, is located between the Blue Nile and Kasala Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Khartoum. The three-storey main building with a gross floor area of about 3,440 m² will blend in with the surrounding building structures. After winning 1st prize in the negotiation process, OBERMEYER is responsible for the general planning of all phases of this project.

The main structure comprises two cubes with a façade of hand-finished steel-reinforced concrete broken up by floor-to-ceiling window slots arranged at irregular distances. The three-storey foyer is located between them. Open and closed façade surfaces form a single unit.

Renderings: OBERMEYER