New-build of Berlin Castle / Humboldtforum

Project duration from 2009 to 2019

German federal office for the construction trade and regional planning

Berlin, DE

Technical specifications

  • TGA total building costs: approx. €20 mill.
  • LPH 1-8 services: Communication, safety and media technology
  • Technical details:
    Events and conference technology 30 – 1,000 visitors
    Sound and video studios, passive and active IT, WLAN, wireless infrastructure; safety technology; library with RFID media management system and media sorting system Modernisation of the technical control room
    Museum with RFID building security

Title image: Humboldtforum foundation in Berlin Castle (Berliner Schloss) / Andreas König
Aerial photo 1 (2014): Dirk Laubner
aerial photo 2 (2016): Nuremberg aerial photo / Hajo Dietz