New parking garage Terminal 3

Finalisation in 2023

Fraport Ausbau Süd GmbH, in the name and behalf of Fraport AG, Flughafen Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main, DE

Technical specifications

Building north: approx. 400m x 62m
Building south: approx. 216m x 34m

Connecting bridge 32m, 4 driving spindles, 14 stair towers, 10 elevators
8,500 parking spaces on 8 parking levels

Floor area: approx. 46,700 m²
Gross floor area: approx. 260,600 m²
Gross volume: approx. 803,800 m³

At Frankfurt Airport, a new multi-storey parking garage is being built on an approx. 40,000 m2 site across from the newly planned Terminal 3; it is currently the largest parking garage in Germany and the third largest in Europe (11/22). OBERMEYER was commissioned with the overall planning.

The construction project will be realized in two commissioning phases. In the first commissioning phase, 2,200 parking lots will be realized. The final extension of the multi-storey parking garage, equipped with a modern parking guidance system, will offer parking lots for a total of 8,500 cars. In keeping with the times, parking spaces with charging stations for electric cars are also available.

The 400-meter-long, eight-story structure is structured by a triangulated facade that uses closed sheeting for the folded facade structure and stainless steel mesh for the open areas. The closed areas stand out three-dimensionally. These structural projections are illuminated on the underside and the sides, so that the “floating” effect of this façade area is accentuated even more in the dark.

Rental cars can be picked up and dropped off in the north section of the building. The service area of the rental car companies, which extends over all eight floors, adjoins the rental car area in the west as the end of the north section.

Level 03 of the north section is crossed by a spacious and light-filled walkway. It forms the link between the glazed bridge to Terminal 3 in the north and the connecting bridge to the south section. As a central footpath that is clearly visible from afar and functions as an orientation axis.

The two parking garage bodies and the roofs of the spindles have green rooftops. A photovoltaic system is planned.

Lead picture: Fraport AG
Visualizations: OBERMEYER Gebäudeplanung / Vize