Pferdsfeld vehicle testing centre

Project duration from 2018 to 2021


Pferdsfeld, DE

Since 2016, on the former NATO airbase of Pferdsfeld near Bad Sobernheim (Rhineland Palatinate), Kfz-Testcenter GmbH has been operating a vehicle testing ground that is independent of manufacturer control. The aim here was to offer innovative test facilities with a focus on autonomous driving and electric mobility. In response to more demanding customer wishes, this airbase site has been modernised and extended to provide additional courses and test routes.

To achieve reproducible test results from the new test modules being constructed here, particularly demanding requirements were imposed on road surfaces, specifically in relation to friction coefficients, flatness and durability. On a joint basis with technical specialists, watering systems were devised for particular test conditions, together with different types of asphalt and additional safety equipment. This included power supply to the facilities together with instrumentation and control engineering with associated underground engineering works.

The road surface of the 1.8 km wet-handling course is watered uniformly down its length by jets installed in the kerb stones. In a comparable way, the requirements for the skid pad were also satisfied – a watered circular track with a radius of 50 m inside the wet handling course, in the transverse aquaplaning module with sufficient escape zones to allow for vehicles sliding out of control, as well as a braking test track with two test areas, each with dry and wet surfaces. Different surface friction coefficients were created through the use of different road surfaces (asphalt, concrete, slabs). A longitudinal aquaplaning basin with a defined length and depth of water supplements the brake test route.

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