Renovation car park Krautstrasse

Project duration from 2019 to 2020

Stadt Memmingen

Memmingen, DE

In June 2020, the car park on Krautstraße in Memmingen was reopened after extensive renovation work. Now 265 parking lots are available again 24/7. New features include six charging stations for electric cars in the basement. The construction costs of the entire project were around 6.7 million euros.

From the basic evaluation to the object supervision: OBERMEYER was commissioned with the general planning of the project, which is under building protection. In addition to the structural design of the buildings, OBERMEYER was also responsible for the planning of the electrical and information technology as well as the technical equipment.

The task was to extensively refurbish the parking garage, which was built in 1989, in addition to visual upgrades. Thanks to the installation of an elevator, all levels can now be reached barrier-free.

The most extensive part of the refurbishment was the concrete repair of all floor surfaces and pillars, which had become unavoidable due to decades of chloride penetration from road salt on the car tires. Due to the high damage level, the entire floor slab of the third basement level had to be renewed.

In addition, the drainage of the parking levels was improved, the fire protection was upgraded and the technology was brought up to the latest standards. Among other things, a new parking system and a new barrier system were installed and lighting systems were converted to LED.

Copyright: Stadt Memmingen (“Cathedral”), OBERMEYER (elevator, exterior view)