Renovation of catenary wires at the Nuremberg marshalling yard

Project duration from 2016 to 2022

DB Netz AG

Nürnberg, DE

The catenary wire systems at the marshalling yard in Nuremberg and the adjacent operational areas date from the Thirties of last century. They have deteriorated badly and need to be replaced.

Planning work includes replacement of the catenary wires on six free lines, taking due account of developments in control and safety technology, and of a lowering in the height of the track. A total of 20.6 kilometres of track will be getting replaced with OLA Re100 equipment.

OBERMEYER was responsible for the draft and approval planning as well as for preparatory work and for collaboration with the awarding of tenders.

OBERMEYER (all photos)

Key words:
Construction engineering, rail infrastructure, BIM, catenary wire