Renovation of the Petersberg tunnel

Finalisation in 2020

DB Netz AG

Neef a.d. Mosel, DE

The Petersberg tunnel, measuring 368 metres in length, is a very important two-line electrified track for DB passenger and goods traffic on the route linking Koblenz to Perl in the Rhineland Palatinate. It entered service in 1879 and overhead wires were installed in 1973. In 2007, during one of the regular inspections of the tunnel, it was classified in Damage Category C. This extent of damage is no longer economical to repair. OBERMEYER was responsible for planning (HOAI-Lph 3-7) the renovation of this tunnel, without any interruption to railway operations.

The objectives of this project were to provide a long-term remedy for the damaged areas within the tunnel and beside the South supporting wall, to comply with clearance profiles and to assure safety spaces that comply with current regulations. This work is intended to ensure that the rail route linking Koblenz–Perl can have a long-term future as part of the Trans-European Network (TEN). Raising the safety level and also preserving this rail route for passenger and goods traffic of matters of great public interest.

The work was carried out using the ‘tunnel-in-tunnel method’, employed here for the first time as a pilot project on an electrified rail route in Germany. This meant that electrified railway operation could be maintained on a single track throughout this renovation work.

Digging and shoring of the tunnel employed the shotcrete building method with the Tunnel Expansion System (TAS), a mobile protective housing with support panels, carriage-mounted drills and demolition hammers. After that, the tunnel was equipped with a new steel-reinforced lining. As part of this project, new portal structures were designed and new supporting walls and rock embankments were planned.

All pictures: OBERMEYER