Routing and expansion of the ST 2309, Aschaffenburg-Obernau

Project duration from 1994 to 2016

City of Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg, DE

Through the routing and expansion of the ST 2309 Aschaffenburg-Obernau by-pass, the daily volume of traffic through the town centre of Aschaffenburg was reduced by approximately 12,000 vehicles. This led in turn to a substantial reduction in the stressful impact of that volume of traffic on the town.

This 3.4 km length of the ST 2309 was bundled into a corridor with the parallel rail track and was equipped with active noise abatement measures. An existing rail crossing was taken out of service. The project also involved the construction of four road bridges, three rail flyovers and a ground water basin 220 metres in length including drainage systems.

OBERMEYER was appointed directly by all three of the parties involved for planning the routing of the ST 2309 Obernau, a community project of the town of Aschaffenburg, the Staatliches Bauamt [state building authorities] of Aschaffenburg and DB Netz AG.

As well as planning the transport systems and civil engineering works, OBERMEYER was also entrusted with the structural planning for transport technology as well as technical acoustic investigations and construction management during execution of the building work.

Transport approval was granted in 2011.