Sewer simulation and calculation of pollution load Ulm-Süd

Project duration from 2014 to 2020

Waste disposal services Ulm (EBU)

Ulm, DE

The city of Ulm has a widely distributed combined sewer network that has grown over decades and is subject to constant expansion, changes and renovations.

The “Entsorgungs-Betriebe Ulm” waste disposal services are anxious to bring the hydraulics of the wastewater network up to date and for this reason have commissioned a sewer network simulation and calculation of pollution load for the entire area.

OBERMEYER carried out the hydrodynamic sewer network simulation and the calculation of the pollution load for the Ulm-Süd wastewater catchment area, including the determination of the basics, the creation of models, long-term simulations and the development of rehabilitation variants.

The sewer network of the investigated catchment area has a length of 140 km.

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