Sludge digestion plant Sindlingen

Project duration from 2014 to 2026

Municipal sewage works Frankfurt (SEF)

Frankfurt, DE

The “Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt” municipal sewage works is planning the new construction of the sludge digestion plant at the Frankfurt-Sindlingen wastewater treatment plant (ARA).

The project includes the new construction of the sludge thickening, sludge digestion and sludge dewatering, including sewage gas storage, purification and utilisation (cogeneration plant) as well as water treatment.

The plant has a capacity of 1.8 million population equivalents.

OBERMEYER is providing the general planning for all work phases of the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) including construction supervision, commissioning and staff training in a planning consortium.

The planning includes the civil engineering structures, traffic facilities, supporting structure and technical equipment / process engineering.

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