Wastewater treatment plant Monsheim

Project duration from 2013 to 2024

Wastewater cooperative Mittleres Pfrimmtal

Monsheim, DE

The “Abwasserzweckverband Mittleres Pfrimmtal” wastewater cooperative is refurbishing its central sewage treatment plant to be more energy-efficient (46,500 population equivalents). The operating building, the inlet pumping station, the aeration tank with plug flow and shock aeration, the digestion tower, the sludge hall, the centrifuge and the excess sludge thickener as well as the precipitant dosing station and the blower station are being renovated or converted. Furthermore, the switchgear will be modernised and a new programmable logic controller installed. In addition, a process control system will be implemented. The gas utilisation via a cogeneration plant is being completely renewed. The construction of a new rain overflow basin with a capacity of 4,000 m³ completes the overall measure.

The construction costs amount to about 8.0 million euros.

The planning includes energy analysis and object planning including local construction supervision, concept studies for the elimination of trace substances as well as health and safety coordination.

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