Wastewater treatment plant with pumping station

Project duration from 2012 to 2016

Water association Peine

Algermissen, DE

The new wastewater treatment plant on the district road 519 between Algermissen and Lühnde replaces the existing pond treatment plant of the municipality of Algermissen and is designed for a capacity of 12,000 PE.

The plant is a mechanical biological sewage treatment plant using the activated sludge process with simultaneous aerobic sludge stabilisation and mechanical sludge dewatering.

The biological wastewater treatment is designed for the decomposition of nitrogen compounds by means of nitrification and denitrification as well as for the decomposition of carbon compounds contained in the wastewater. The treatment is operated according to the process of intermittent denitrification, in which aerated and non-aerated phases alternate in time.

The treated wastewater is released to the receiving water without a pumping station via a gradient pressure pipe.

The new construction of the wastewater treatment plant also includes the construction of an operating building with integrated screen/sand trap hall and blower station.

OBERMEYER was responsible for the planning of the engineering structures, the structural design, the planning of the technical equipment as well as the local construction supervision and the preparation of the explosion protection documentation.

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