BSK Schwaebisch Hall: the expansion started

Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall is successively modernizing its headquarters. The 3D overall planning is now going into execution.

The existing buildings correspond in technical as well as in office conceptual condition to the last major location optimization project from 1995. The new building strategy provides for a sustainable, energy-efficient, structural and technical modernization. Modern workspaces are to be created.

The first stage involves refurbishing the technical equipment and interior fittings of office buildings G and H, which were commissioned in 1983.
The refurbishment area here covers around 8000 m².

In Building H, new office space will be created for a total of around 600 employees. The new offices will be designed in accordance with the requirements of “activity-based working”. The project also includes the renovation of the roofs. At the same time, a photovoltaic system will be installed and an exterior, open escape stairwell will be newly built.

The deconstruction measures include the entire interior work and thus the gutting of the building except for the shell in the office areas, which will be carried out floor by floor from top to bottom.

The major challenge of the project is to refurbish the technical facilities in the basement and the print shop on the first floor without interrupting operations. Quality assurance is permanently carried out in all phases and areas.

OBERMEYER was commissioned with the overall planning. Thanks to a 3D central model, cooperation is taking place across all sites.

You can find a detailed press release here.