From Paris to London in 28 minutes? Hyperloop makes it possible.

As sponsor of the TUM Hyperloop team, OBERMEYER was invited to the rollout of Europe’s first real-size Hyperloop test track.

With a 24-metre-long test tube at the TUM (Technical University of Munich) campus, Europe’s first real-size Hyperloop test segment was opened after less than a year of construction by Bavaria’s Minister President Dr. Markus Söder. Around 400 invited guests watched last Wednesday as the Hyperloop capsule started moving with the politician.

From city to city via hyperloop

Hyperloop systems pursue the vision of transporting transport and passenger capsules in almost airless tubes. The vacuum is supposed to make it possible to move the capsules with almost no air resistance, which holds out the prospect of enormous speeds. TUM-Hyperloop focuses on using the technology as a sustainable mobility concept for fast passenger transport. With this technology, the distance Paris – London can be covered in only 28 minutes instead of three hours.

As a specialist in infrastructure, the OBERMEYER Group is involved in the visions for the mobility of the future, which is why the company has been supporting this fascinating project since 2017. OBERMEYER is a reliable partner for the TUM Hyperloop team and is already looking forward to the next milestone: the realization of the first 1-kilometre route. It also sees the building of this route as an opportunity to contribute OBERMEYER’s planning expertise in the long term.

The most exciting transport technology since the invention of the airplane

“I was convinced of the Hyperloop project from the very beginning. Hyperloop is the most exciting transport technology since the invention of the airplane and the solution to our mobility challenges in local and long-distance transport,” says Jens Ulrich, shareholder of the OBERMEYER Group. “With our infrastructure expertise, it is natural for us to support and accompany such a project of the future. It was inspiring to experience the spirit of the students live at the opening,” Ulrich continues.

A vision for the mobility of the future

Since 2015, TUM has been working on the vision of making mobility sustainable and, above all, significantly faster than before. The initiative, which was still a student initiative at the time, was founded to take part in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competitions, which Elon Musk had launched with his space company. The TUM team took first place in all four competitions.