OBERMEYER awarded contract for project management of the Zwickau junction

DB Netz AG has awarded the contract for the project management of the Zwickau junction, part of the Sachsenmagistrale. OBERMEYER is responsible for the complex technical and commercial project management of work phases 3 to 8.

The Zwickau junction forms the final project section of the line between Dresden and Werdau as part of the Sachsenmagistrale (extension of the Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Nuremberg – Leipzig/Dresden line). With a future line speed of up to 160 km/h, qualitative conditions will be created for long-distance traffic from Leipzig/Dresden to Nuremberg, among other things. The overall project of the requirement plan – Sachsenmagistrale – will significantly improve the quality of the connection between the federal states of Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg for local and long-distance passenger and freight traffic. OBERMEYER has been involved in various projects of the Sachsenmagistrale since 2008 and will be involved in various constellations until 2027.

In the consortium with Schüßler-Plan, OBERMEYER is responsible for opportunity and risk management, scheduling, cost control, monitoring public and legal procedures, budget planning and plan coordination. In addition, OBERMEYER is involved in contract award planning, public relations work, the implementation of measures in accordance with the Railway Crossing Act and interface management with measures of the City of Zwickau. In addition, OBERMEYER coordinates external planning and construction companies as well as contract, supplementary and implementation management.

However, the project also poses challenges for those involved, such as the integration of the freight station into the interlocking technology of the passenger station, the increasing digitalization of the track infrastructure, BIM-based planning and the consideration of the Zwickau city centre bypass and its impact on the DB infrastructure. This also includes the upcoming competition for resources due to the upcoming general refurbishment of the DB high-performance network by 2030. Thanks to their many years of experience and the resulting expertise, OBERMEYER’s project engineers and economists are ideally equipped to meet these challenges.