German Embassy in Tashkent

Project duration from 2014 to 2018

Karlsruhe Regional Finance Office, Federal Office of Building Operations (Tashkent)

Taschkent, UZ

German Embassy in Tashkent

On the site of this embassy, which extends over an area of 14,000 m², a new registry and a visa office are being built. The construction of a four-storey building a gross floor area of 2,300 m² and the redesigning of the garden area are taking place during ongoing operations.
The architectural concept envisages a compact, town-like grouping in the manner of a ‘merging of build cultures’, combining traditional western construction and stylistic features of Islamic culture. The building complexes form a representative and elaborately styled forecourt that links the registry and the residence.

OBERMEYER was able to win the negotiation process with its draft design concept. Planning and development involve collaboration between various departments, including architecture, civil engineering, security and protection planning, the internal office institute for building & energy efficiency as well as structural planning, all engaged in the overall planning process.

Renderings: OBERMEYER