New-build and relocation of the motorway bridge at Burgweinting

Finalisation in 2023

German federal Autobahn GmbH, South Bavaria subsidiary (previously Autobahndirektion Südbayern [South Bavarian Motorway Directorate])

Burgweinting, A3 near Regensburg, DE

An important milestone with the extension to the A3: Completed in 1965, the motorway bridge at Burgweinting, measuring about 200 metres in length and running over the marshalling yard of Regensburg-Ost, is the key structural component of the six-lane extension to the A3 ‘Europa’ motorway beside Regensburg. As part of an engineering consortium, OBERMEYER was awarded overall management of construction work and build monitoring of the design aspects of construction engineering, traffic systems and construction supervision of the rail-related aspects.

This replacement new-build of these two sub-structures presented great technical, operational and logistical building challenges and is being accomplished without any interruption to the fully operational rail and catenary wire systems. As a build form, a special type of incremental launching method will be used. First of all, the new steel components will be connected to the old steel frame. Then the new bridge will be pushed longitudinally over the tracks while the old bridge will be pushed away.

In October 2020, the first tranche was completed. In December 2020, the new bridge finally reached the western abutment. The total weight to be relocated weighed 1,680 tons.

After completion, all traffic will be routed to the new northern sub-section and work shall then commence on the sub-section for the road heading to Passau, for which work is scheduled to last until the end of 2023.

All photos: OBERMEYER