Residential and commercial building Breiter Weg

Project duration from 2014 to 2021

Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Magdeburg mbH

Magdeburg, DE

Technical specifications

Overall planning (excluding structural design) LPH 1- 8
Thermal insulation certificate, fire protection certificate

Residential and commercial building

  • gross floor area: approx. 26 000 m²
  • usable floor space: approx. 18 000 m²
  • Traffic area: approx. 3 700 m²

Parking garage:

  • Gross floor area: approx. 9 800 m²
  • Usable area incl. traffic area: approx. 8 750 m²

Investment volume: approx. 60 million
Construction sum: approx. 44.5 million €

At Breiter Weg in Magdeburg, an attractive residential and commercial quarter with underground parking and parking garage has been built.

The new building complex is part of the overall project for the new Magdeburg Cathedral Quarter. With an investment volume of around 60 million euros, this is the largest construction project of the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Magdeburg so far.

The corner building was constructed with ten stories above ground, the residential row and the office corner building with seven stories. The result is 63 modern apartments with a total of around 6,700 m² of living space. In addition, there are 7,700 m² of office and retail space as well as outpatient assisted living communities with a social station and day care on 1,100 m². Therefore, OBERMEYER provided the shell construction planning.

The three commercial areas are all located on the first floor.

The multi-storey parking lot is connected to the office corner building in Keplerstraße and is built with offset levels in split-level construction. It comprises around 270 parking spaces. In addition, further parking spaces are provided in the basement and on the 1st floor of Breite Weg 257-260 e. They have been developed as parking levels.

The green courtyard presents itself as a semi-public space with small squares, play facilities, hedge-lined path sections and lawn fields.

Steffen Spitzner