As assessors and planners involved in a great many permit and planning procedures, we predict, measure and assess emission levels.

Immissions protection

Noise, serious vibration and exhaust gases are classed as ‘immissions’ or as ‘noxious environmental factors’ under the terms of the German Federal Law on Immissions Protection, all originating from transport routes and systems. Immissions protection deals primarily with the impact of these immissions on the local residents affected. We predict or measure the aforementioned immissions, then we assess them against limits and guide values and adopt appropriate plans to reduce their impact.

For more than 30 years, we have been involved as assessors and planners in a great many permit and planning procedures in the following areas:

  • Acoustic insulation (protection against noise)
  • Protection against serious vibration
  • Technical investigations into exhaust emissions
  • Acoustics relating to construction and building interiors