Individual test modules, terrain extensions or complete testing grounds: We manage the planning of development for requirements and concepts through the supervision of construction work right up to the point of operational handover.

Test and trial routes

For lasting and consistent inspection and test conditions in vehicle development in the automotive industry, OBERMEYER has been planning a vast array of test and trial routes over the last 30 years or so. These routes and test models provide developers and suppliers with open air testing grounds for all of their vehicle components, from component durability to driver assistance systems and extending out to autonomous driving.

Highest requirements in planning and implementation for

  • Geometry
  • Surface properties
  • Durability of the routes
  • Flexibility in forms of use

Test conditions must comply with defined standards to ensure reproducible ‘laboratory conditions’ on the open road.

Next to planning consistent ‘poor road surfaces’ that deliver stable test conditions, the planning of technical equipment for the running of brake tests, dynamic tests, acoustic tests, communication with and detection of changing environmental conditions are all part of the overall scope of planning a testing ground to us at OBERMEYER.