For more than 50 years, OBERMEYER has been involved in the planning of systems for rail transport across all areas: new rail routes, extensions to existing ones, high-speed lines, high-speed maglev systems, underground lines, rapid transit lines (the S-Bahn in Germany), trams and also including industrial railway systems.

Our full range of services

We can assist you with the execution of projects in the following disciplines:

  • New routes and extensions to existing routes
  • High-speed tracks
  • High-speed magnetic railways
  • Rapid transit railways
  • Trams
  • Underground railways
  • Industrial railways
  • Passenger railway stations
  • Shunting stations
  • Engine sheds, workshops, rolling stock

Interdisciplinary team of experts

In addition, OBERMEYER can assist with the planning of technical railway equipment right across the spectrum as well as providing consultation for setting up engine sheds and workshops and for rail vehicle operations. Interdisciplinary teams at OBERMEYER devise civil engineering solutions for stations for passenger and goods transport. Because of our competence as a general planner, OBERMEYER is able to provide a one-stop shop for planning support for the entire ‘Railway’ system.

A great many national and international references demonstrate that OBERMEYER is a capable planner and adviser for your project.