We have many years of experience in projects and questions relating to transport planning and transport technology. We guarantee our customers individual advice with a high level of professional competence and quality.

Our range of services

We are committed to providing a total package of individual consulting for local authorities, transport providers and private companies for the development of appropriate, operational and actionable transport solutions combined with in-depth support of customers with presentation, clarification and involvement of the general public. At the same time, we place particular emphasis on independent and entirely fact-based communication.

The package of services includes all transport-related topics and questions relating to transport planning, from overall and sub-system concepts to the on-schedule delivery of solutions for individual transport systems. Climate change, alternative energy and digitalisation increasingly call for new and innovative ideas and solutions in all areas of mobility for motorised individual transport, local public transport and pedestrian & bicycle traffic.

Our range of services includes the following key topics and fields:

Transport planning (VPL)

  • Transport concepts
  • Cost-effectiveness investigations in the transport sector
  • Transport planning consultations
  • Analyses of potential (cycle tracks)
  • Preparation, delivery, evaluation and analysis of involvement of different players
  • Citizen workshops
  • Analysis of players and target groups
  • Planning of parking systems
  • Recording of the infrastructure (baseline study / data basics)

Transport technology (VT)

  • Microscopic transport simulation
  • Capacity considerations
  • Project planning of LSA
  • Traffic control systems
  • Multimodal simulation models


  • Provision, conversion, homogenisation of data from various forms of data
  • Clear processing of the geodata created
  • 3D modelling of geodata (routes, buildings, sites)
  • Surface analysis (2D / 3D)
  • Digital-based reachability analysis
  • Visualisation of maps based on databases
  • Analyses of potential (cycle tracks)

Interdisciplinary team of experts

Our institute for transport planning & transport technology comprises an interdisciplinary team with specialist knowledge predominantly in transport planning, technology, town planning and geo-information systems. This way we are able to offer integrated and made-to-measure transport solutions in collaboration with architects as well as marketing and environmental experts.

We work with nationally and internationally renowned and standard modelling software (VISUM; VISSIM) as well as with GIS-based programs (GIS, CAD).