Our planning activities in the field of water pursue the goal of sustaining the quality of life and our environment while also meeting the needs of people.

Our range of services

With our team of experts from water management, hydrology, structural planning and technical equipment, we ensure an interdisciplinary approach to all of your projects.

By applying the BIM method, we can assure ultimate standards of reliability in terms of quality, cost and on-time completion.  Our services include the planning of the following specialist fields:

  • Waste water purification and slurry treatment
  • Drainage of residential areas
  • Flood protection and hydraulic construction
  • The planning of drainage renovation
  • Water supply

Including the hydro-technical calculations and dimensioning required. Specifically, this includes:

  • Hydrodynamic drainage network calculations and dirt load calculations
  • 2D flow / flooding calculations
  • Hydrological rainfall-runoff calculations
  • Flash flood / heavy rainfall calculations, stormwater management

Our customers include local authorities, regional government bodies, public services, private businesses, trade and industry. For our customers, we deliver:

  • Requirements analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • All of the HOAI service phases
  • Town & country planning & approval procedures
  • Construction supervision and catenary wires