High-voltage power lines and pipelines for green hydrogen, the motorways of the 21st century – OBERMEYER is electrifying the future.

Modern power generation

Do you see yourself as a visionary of our time, supporting climate protection targets that are currently electrifying our societies? If so, OBERMEYER Infrastructure can serve your needs with its new business sector, dealing with very high-voltage power lines and path allocation for pipelines, featuring all the networking options for modern power generation combined with environmentally aware consumption of that energy.

We listen, understand and translate what we hear from our energy customers into innovative solutions, employing all of our comprehensive planning and implementation expertise as well as our understanding of technical, digital and design requirements. Inspired by our founder, Leonhard Obermeyer, we are already thinking of the future. Supported by the latest digital tools and agile methods, it is our aim to develop intelligent solutions and create groundbreaking products.

We look forward to sharing our experiences from our current showcase project with you. Appointed to manage and coordinate technical planning, approval management and all BIM and GIS services, OBERMEYER is participating in SuedLink, one of the most significant current energy infrastructure projects in Europe.

700 km of DC power lines, carrying green electricity from the North of Germany to the South, planned, constructed and operated in parallel fashion, setting new standards to combine a secure future of energy for our society wile respecting nature and future generations.